The Indian tourist places you can not miss

Capital Delhi is the hub of northern India is the most exciting discovery for travelers when India tour. When to Delhi you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the city charming beauty both ancient and modern, recently renewed just nostalgic ...

With its long history and unique culture of Delhi is the second largest city after Mumbai in India, with a population of 13 million people. Located in the north of India, on the banks of the Yamuna, Delhi has the political status of a union territory federally managed under the name National Capital Territory of Delhi. Delhi is one of the city's oldest settlers world.
Destinations not to be missed in Delhi:

Đã từng là một kinh đô của nhiều đế chế của đất nước Ấn Độ cổ, Delhi đã là một thành phố lớn ở trên con đường thương mại cổ từ Tây Bắc Ấn Độ đi Đồng bằng sông Hằng. Nhiều tượng đài cổ, các địa điểm khảo cổ và các tàn tích có tầm quan trọng quốc gia đã được xây nên trong lịch sử của quốc gia này.Khi đến phố cổ Delhi bạn sẽ cảm nhận rõ ràng nét văn hóa cổ kính đặc trưng nơi đây.

Delhi Red Fort
Red Fort was the capital city built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638. This is a massive citadel overall an area of about five hundred square meters half erect red laterite located between Delhi. Red Fort scale is not inferior to the Forbidden City, but if. The Forbidden City was the imperial scale has many palaces situated apart, the Red Fort is the headquarters of military nature should have as a citadel architecture with Lal Quila countless corners is another name of the fortress Shal emperor Jahan built so it brings Mughal architecture.

Ramparts of red port surrounded with 2:41 km circumference, higher than 33.5 m and more town 18m compared to the waterfront. It is said that the construction costs for the palace port, other buildings are quite expensive, estimated at 10 million rupees calculated that period. After the British occupation army had destroyed 75% of the buildings of the fort.

Around the fortress there are many tourist attractions such as the Diwan-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Moti Masjid, Shahi Burj, Khas Mahal, Rang Mahal, Jama Masjid Mumtaz Mahal ... is the main attraction of the city, it is located in the mosque where women can go to get from where tourists admire the city panorama. There is also markets Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi is famous, the market is located along the road from the gate Lahore, here visitors can buy everything commodity, it is also very convenient for those who truly first trip India calendar still unfamiliar, or unfamiliar, then this place is not too difficult to be able to buy yourself the most pleasing battered furniture.

New Delhi
New Delhi in northern India, Delhi 5km from old city to the north, the beautiful capital city featuring lots of long street, the large structures like parliament, the presidential palace, the Indian port or the ancient castle built of stone.
Here, you'll see a region incredibly lush vegetation of New Delhi is extremely attractive with cool blue color and charm, guests can find the ancient monuments of medieval Delhi. Humayun's Tomb, Lodhi gardens and many other places.

Mumbai shopping paradise.
Mumbai is India's largest city, this is a shopper's paradise, the shops and markets offer a number of extremely varied merchandise. Mumbai selling everything from unique jewelry made by hand, to the antiques of Europe, the only condiment in India and both agricultural commodities freshest ... If had the opportunity to travel India you do not ignore the city's shopping venues them!

"Fashion Street" is located on M Gandhi Maidan and Azad crossroads Maidan, there are many stalls where you comfortable paying the price. Shopping area of Mumbai has a lot of tailors, you can unleash the typical Indian fashion with low cost and fast time.
Mumbai is also a haven for followers of fashion handmade. Arrive Mumbai you will encounter lots of small roadside stalls sold many kinds of unique handmade jewelry only in India, with relatively cheap- cost that would be the gift that you characterized India should choose as gifts for relatives and friends after the tour of India.

Besides Mumbai is also a huge shopping center and diamond jewelery, wooden items and kinds of gifts, especially in the central industrial shop Cottage, Shivaji Marg, Apollo Bunder and Regal standard. Opening times No. 2 to No. 7 from 10h to 19h.

Trip India Nepal tour will take visitors to Mumbai which is considered the most perfect in India, and the famous markets as kh: Market Chorp Mutton Street, near Sir JJ Road, selling antiques and furniture , Zaveri Market, Abdul Rahman city, selling trinkets, Dhaboo Market street Dhaboo, sells made from leather, Crawford Market sells fresh vegetables and fruits

ATMs are available at most places for visitors and can easily withdraw cash, however if you have plans to some of the more remote areas should withdraw money before. Visa, Master Card and American Express are commonly used in tourist hotels and major stores, but the majority everywhere want to get more cash.
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